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"August 2008. The conditions are perfect: his eyes are open, his mouth is open, his tummy is rumbling. Here he comes... weaving low - then rearing up and striking again and again like an unattended hose. Funny! Funny! Funny! Your clothes are soaked! Your picnic is ruined! But you are too busy laughing to care! And now your wallet is gone."

Dan Antopolski's Penetrating Gaze is the standup show that Dan took to the Edinburgh Festival 2008, where it received six four star reviews. This DVD was recorded in November 2008 in London and features good jokes, crafty links, simulated anger and home-made raps.

Extras: Sandwich Rap Video

Dan Antopolski's
Penetrating Gaze: Clip 1
Dan Antopolski's
Penetrating Gaze: Clip 2

"We've all been kids and some of us father them - if you trust the blood-test guy, he was smoking in a lab and his english was poor? But whatever. Wouldn't it be amazing if someone who wasn't a bell-end was prepared to talk about parenthood? Dream on, suckers. Bell-end Dan Antopolski adds his meditations on the noble estate of fathership to this festival of dreams..."

Silent But Deadly is the show that Dan performed at the 2009 Edinburgh Festival where it received rave reviews and won the Dave Award for Funniest Joke of the Fringe 2009.

Extras: Vase Rap live at the Hammersmith Apollo

Silent But Deadly: Clip 1 Silent But Deadly: Clip 2 Reviews