I am now one third of sketch team, Jigsaw, with fellow standups Tom Craine and Nat Luurtsema. Our debut Edinburgh show received seven 4/5 star reviews at the 2011 festival and we plan to return there in 2012. Here are some sketches we made for the BBC:

Angel Broken English Manchester Utd. Vs. Little Girls

John Keller

Here is a trio of films made for BBC Comedy Extra in 2010, featuring conspiracy theorist John Keller in conversation with Dr. Helen Atwill. Click on these thumbnails to jump to the BBC Website. Each interview has an associated blog written by John - read down for even more juicy information about secret power, hidden truth and all dat.

John Keller: Ducks

John Keller: Balloons

John Keller: Chrome

This is a video for my Sandwich Rap. I made it myself for about £1500 with the help of my friends. Please watch it, I'm proud of it.
Click here to find out all about the production!

Hey since you like raps so much here is another one, recorded at Livestock 2009 at the Hammersmith Apollo.
Friends of the Earth have co-opted it as a metaphor and I endorse this.

This is what PR's call a 'soft chat' on STV's The Hour. Warning: do not operate machinery while watching as there are moments of extreme softness which can have a soporific effect, especially if you are drunk.

This is a scene from BBC2's Hyperdrive in which I got my teeth into a bit of 'hacting'.
I defy you to watch it and not be moved to switch it off.

This is an excerpt from the DVD 'Dan Antopolski's Penetrating Gaze'. Buy it here.

When I started doing photoshoots for Edinburgh way back in the last millennium, we were still using film <wheezy cough>. If you weren't happy with the gurning you'd come up with - but felt you were 'getting into the zone', you had to authorise further spending on another 'roll'. Nowadays it's all digital innit. In 2008 a nice and good photographer called Pete Dadds snapped away while I gurned and gurned. I have made an animation of these stills.

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